I am irritated.

My Bluetooth device is working again! (But that’s not a cause of joy as much as it is a cause of irritation.) Finally, after days and days of praying and pleading and promising God all sorts of good deeds.

I remember now how I got it to work the first time I used it. It wouldn’t work when I installed the software which came with the device. But it worked when I downloaded an updated version of the software upon visiting the company’s website.

Eek! Was I sold a beta version or what??? I feel so cheated. But I’m lucky, at least I had the initiative to search for Bluetooth software on the net. How about those other people who bought the device and now can’t even use it because it won’t work with their crappy software?

Now I know why that device only had a one month warranty. So if you ever chance upon this device, don’t buy it.

Will there ever be a day that sellers won’t try to cheat their buyers? Sigh. (I love this word, it sounds exactly what it means. Sigh. Heehee. It’s an anti-irritant!)

Irritant number 2. My Internet connection is lazing at a snail’s pace (there are many different levels of lazing, like a turtle, or a slug, or a rock). This is so very irritating! It is 2 AM in the morning. *Who* surfs at 2 AM in the morning? (OK, I know *I* am, but there aren’t that many zombies like me, are there?!)

It’s a work day! Go to sleep. Tomorrow you have work. Leave all the bandwith for me even though my eyelids are drooping like melted ice cream. (See? My mind is starting to take me to slumberland because I’m up too late already. Do *you* want to become a zombie like me? No!)

Why else am I irritated? I have no money. Aaarrrggghhh! Now I understand why people have to go to work. Well I know it’s to make money. But I’ve never really been in a position where I *needed* money. I’ve always had my allowance. Back in college I even had a stipend from my scholarship. These last two years I’ve been very lucky to have had jobs with comfortable paychecks. So money hasn’t really been a motivation for working. It’s more of the challenge.

But two months ago I decided I didn’t want to work anymore. (Early burn-out) I wanted to laze around all day doing nothing but sleep and eat and type away on my keyboard. :) It’s been lovely but I miss money. Money is my honey. (I’m getting more and more zombific.) Oh, I’ve got a job!!! I just remembered! I got hired today! Another anti-irritant! But that’s another post.

For now let me dwell on my irritation. It’s my coffee. Zzz…

I promise I will be sober tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations on your new job. Hopefully making money now will lessen your irritations!

    Look forward to hearing about your new job soon. :)