Sleeping Positions

freefallA BBC article says that a person’s sleeping position reflects his personality. Here are 6 common subconscious positions:

Foetus — tough on the inside, sensitive at heart
Log — easygoing, social, trusting, gullible
Yearner — open natured, suspicious, cynical, decisive
Soldier — quiet, reserved
Freefaller — gregarious, brash, nervy, thin-skinned
Starfish — friendly, helpful

Erm, I’m a freefaller. But… gregarious, brash, nervy and skin-thinned? Harumph. I think BBC’s insulting me. On the other hand, they got my boyfriend right. He’s definitely a starfish. But don’t ask me how I know.


  1. I’m a foetus myself…

    Does it count if you also have that “hotdog” pillow with you when you sleep? Just asking…

    regards to both of you

  2. Wait a minute….!

    If you’re a freefaller and Gim’s a starfish, that makes you PERFECTLY MATCHED. Although it’s better if it was the other way around for you, Flisha. And I hope you don’t get this drift…(me rebuking my evil side…)

  3. And if you have a bad back, you switch constantly betwen these positions. Guess they had no one like me in the study!

  4. what if you sleep different positions different times.. lol .. i guess part of all of em then eh?

  5. I’m a starfish when I go to sleep… but end up a “roamer” … why isn’t that included …. my bedclothes and pillows are all over the freakin place lol !

  6. i sleep with my hands over my head, what would bbc say? hehehe.. fetal position is most popular because it reminds us of being in the womb- a evolutionary trait that has consequences in our adulthood.