Men are Little Boys, I Think

My eyes hurt. It’s 5:44 PM and I’m still in the office. I’m waiting for my 7:30-8:30 PM class. Yes, you read that right. PM. And with my ability to go on and on and on teaching and forgetting about the time, it’s fortunate that my beadle never fails to remind when it’s already time to go, or else we might probably extend our stay until 9:00 PM.

I’m lucky I have a driver, er, boyfriend. He picks me up right after my class and brings me home. I wouldn’t know what to do without him. Back in my college days, though, I was never afraid of going home late at night. In fact, there was a time when my father called me up on my cellphone asking me where the hell I was and I answered, calmly, that I was heading towards the paradahan where I hoped there would still be a jeepney waiting for me. I have no idea where my courage came from.

Ever since I got a boyfriend, though, somebody always picks me up, accompanies me in public vehicle rides, takes me places and brings me home. I am hardly ever alone. He possesses my every free moment, making me feel claustropho– er, loved. This is all very nice but it has a downside. I have begun to feel afraid to be on my own. A short tricycle ride on a sunny afternoon is okay, but any public ride after 6PM scares me. It’s his fault, telling me the tricycle drivers will rape me, molest me, beat me, steal from me or whatever horrible crime he imagines. He feeds me nightmares, that boy. I grow ever more dependent.

I don’t get mad, though. I guess most men are like that. They want to possess women, feel that they can protect women. I think it makes them feel good inside, knowing they’re big and strong, even if they’re really just little boys deep down in their hearts. Gim is a little boy, for sure.

I do wonder, though, does this happen to all women? Does this come naturally to men? I think so, but then again my perception of others is mostly colored by my own experiences. But I’ll keep to my theories, I think. Men need to be needed by women. Little boys, all men are. That’s why I humor him.


  1. yeah, i think this comes naturally to men… they have the tendency to be overprotective… more than my dad! *haha*… but it makes me feel secured… dependent, yes… but not way too dependent and thats what guys wanted… a girl who thinks of guys as their ‘someone’ to lean on, to depend on… its something to do with ego…

  2. well i wish i could have someone to depend on. hehehe. i do wish i would never get overly dependent, though, coz what i love best about me is that i can stand on my own two feet!

  3. Haay.. I think your entry made me realize that we women, really need men.



    Buti ka pa may bf na sumusundo… Hay!!! I envy you. Hehe..

  4. No, they don’t really need to look out for women. Women can stand alone, just like Heids said, and just like I did very comfortably up until three years ago.

    What I was trying to say is that men NEED women, not the other way around. =)

  5. Oh well. Just stumbled onto your blog; I don’t actually know you.

    My 2 cents are just that we shouldn’t take people for granted. We’d miss them if they left us.

    Have a great life :)

  6. i’m a little boy, you can take a look at my blog

    and it will prove what i said. :-)

    love your blog specially the japanese topics.

    i haven’t been to japan yet, only in korea, but japan is my favorite too, i even named my son “Kenshin” after the samurai x anime.

    i love japans culture, the old and new.

    great site you have!

  7. Hey JDMike,

    Nice miniatures. You would get along with my boyfriend. He loves aircraft models, Airsoft guns and Magic cards. Hay… Hehe. :D

  8. hehe boys will be boys, I’ve past airsoft though, got tired of playing soldiers already.
    went back to my first passion.

    thanks for visiting my site! :-)