A Bithday Letter

Dearest Love,

Up until April 27, 2005 2002, I have had no reason to celebrate August 15. But by the afternoon of 4/27, I was quickly and madly falling in love with a girl so sweet and cheerful, with a brilliant and radiant smile that clouds any Close- Up commercial.

I still remember that day so well. It was late afternoon and the sky was bursting into a gazillion colors as the enormous, red orb slowly yielded to the softer, paler light of a full moon. We hung on to our salbabida, transfixed by the awesome majesty of nature. A fitting tribute to a love that was just then blossoming. Our talk then turned to far away kingdoms, to prince’s and princesess’, to a love that would last forever.

You didn’t and you still don’t believe me when I tell you that on that day, I suddenly found meaning and purpose. It was as if time itself stood still. On that day too, I knew that you are the one I will be spending my life with.

I have a reason to celebrate August 15. On that day, God gave me the greatest blessing I ever recieved- you. I love you.



05may28(19) 05may28(20)

PS it’s April 27, 2002. NOT 2005. Please be guided accordingly. Thanks!


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