The Passing of Rain

I love it when it rains on the beach. You get to see how wonderfully majestic the sky is, the way it changes so dramatically in so little time.

Here the clouds look heavy, ready to rain upon us. The ocean is turning greener by the second.


Now the sky above us is totally overcast. Beyond us, the sky is returning to a lighter blue. But the sea has turned a dark emerald green. In a few seconds, drops of rain fall. (Of course we run for shelter, hahaha. Can’t risk my camera getting soaked.)


A close up of the mountains beyond shows the rain has passed. But the waters are greener than ever because the sun is hidden behind the dark, pouring clouds.


Afterwards,the sky clears. No more clouds in sight, except for a thin wisp. And the water returns to a clear blue.


Have I mentioned how much I love rain on the beach? :-)