HKO Happy Hearts Client is Now Available

I don’t know about you but I am getting SOOO excited to play again! :-) Only two more days!!!

The new client just got released yesterday! For all the people who haven’t tried the HKO game yet, you can download the full client either via the download manager or via a torrent. (I prefer the torrent.) The file is 1.3 Gb.

However, the founders who were able to play last Christmas already have the old client. So all you guys have to do is update the client, by downloading either the manual patch or the torrent. The update is 370 Mb.

The update will only work for the latest client, so if the last time you played was in October 2008, you will have to download the whole client all over again, just like the newbies.

Hope I end up eating in between being glued to my screen for the next few days. (Must get an insurance quote.)

Hoping to see you all with me in Hello Kitty Happy Hearts! Don’t forget, it starts on February 13 at 11am in the Philippines! :-)