Sanrio Opens HKO Happy Hearts to the Whole World

Yay! SanrioTown has just announced that the Valentine’s event of Online, called Happy Hearts will not be exclusive to founders after all, but will be open for anyone who wants to play it! w00t! To join, just create a Sanrio account and then download the game.

Hello Kitty Online founders have an edge, though. We’ll be able to play a whole two days earlier than the newbies. HKO will open for founders on February 12, 10pm EST (Feb 13, 11am ). The rest of the world will be able to access HKO on February 14, 8pm EST (Feb 15, 9am ). And then the Happy Hearts event will end on February 17, 11:59pm EST (Feb 18, 12.59pm ).

Am so excited!!! :-)

P.S. Since everyone is now invited, expect the game to crash a lot more than usual. HKO is doing some stress tests in preparation for Open Beta.