Blue Beach Park in Golf, Zamboanga

Easter Sunday, the day before I came back to , Gim and I decided to visit Golf Beach, on a whim. Not to bathe; I don’t think I can ever bathe in less than white sand beaches (Dakak spoiled me). But rather just to enjoy the last few tendrils of sun. I don’t even have photos: it was much too dark.

After ten minutes of standing around near the water, we mounted Bastian (the bike) and left. But not before touring the entire beach, so we headed deeper into Golf.

At the end of the road, we saw this:

A new ! What a surprise! And so pretty! Instantly I was saddened we hadn’t gone there earlier. It would have been a spectacular sunset.

Gim and I decided to have dinner there. It was very peaceful, we had the place to ourselves, as you can see in the photos below. I didn’t have a tripod so I had to set my camera on the table to get the photos (thus the awkward angles).

There wasn’t much beach, but there was a small park, and an exquisite tree parked on top of a hill, filled with sparkling lights. That was really the one thing that made the park beautiful, that tree.

Random aside: did you know that apricots came from Apricot trees? I thought they came from bushes! (It’s like how some people think pineapples come from trees, but don’t.)

I will return there, soon, to take more photos in better lighting. And in sunset! Oh I am so excited to return there on a sunset! These photos of mine do not do the tree justice.

Having the place to ourselves, Gim and I photowhored away. Much of it is blurry since we had to hold our breaths for ten seconds at least per photo. And one time, the waitress was coming with our so I left my post midfreeze (that’s the one where I turned into a ghost).

The food was great! We ordered beef tapa with onions, it was so good, I loved it! We also ordered camaron rebosao (sugar roasted shrimp) but it was not available so we had to do with crispy shrimp, which was okay, not terrific. And of course, the requisite garlic rice (which was yum).

I apologize if the photos are a bit unfocused. We were too hungry to wait for the perfect take. :)

All in all, it was a very fun day. Gim and I had some heavy stuff to sort out so it was a good thing the place was clear of guests. We’re good now, though. :P

Here’s a bonus photo of the pretty tree. I tried my best to hold my breath while taking the photo, but it came out blurred anyway. Still you can see the potential. :)


  1. Hi Trisha!

    What type of camera did you use? I like how vivid the image is, especially the first pic. :)


  2. These are great photographs, especially the one with the light trails and checkered flooring.

    ~ Kristi

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  4. @Anon, it’s Flisha actually. And I used a Canon S5 IS.

    @Kikolani, thanks! I’m glad you liked that one. It was a ruined shot that turned out interesting. :)

    @Cute Irish Girl, the floor is actually blue and yellow but you’re right, they look greenish in the pics!

    @Ark, just an amateur, thank you very much for the compliment :)

  5. hi im one of the owner of the blue beach park and restaurant… you capture it really great… im going to post this blog on my page if its ok with you… wish you could visit us again we had extended the restaurant now. if you have tym pls check out our page in facebook tnx

    1.  I’m based in Manila now, but I will be going home in March or May so yup definitely I will come back. Yes you can use the pics no problem :)