Heidee Hangs Out in Astoria

My friend Heidee, who recently started working in Singapore, came home to about a week ago for a short visit. Of course, where should we hang out but my favorite new place to hang out, Astoria Regency!

It was high noon when we got to the hotel and it was sooo freakin’ hot. Maybe 36 degrees Celsius. Or worse. We had to order shakes ASAP. In fact, we each had two. I got corn shake, Gim had mango shake and Heids ordered what looks to be a watermelon shake. And then we ate lunch (calamares, lengua de baca and baked clams with garlic rice).

We were supposed to meet up with Jotie, Donnel, Brian and Chris. But they all had excuses reasons for not coming so it ended up just the three of us. (Just like old times, no, Heids? ^-^)

Here are some photos we took of that day. (Sorry for the low quality, I only brought a camphone. I no longer lug my camera around Zamboanga City for security reasons.)

 Heids and I

 Heids and Gim

The three of us trying our best to fit into the screen while Gim held my phone at arm’s length.

It was a mighty fun day. Heidee fed me the latest chika from her side of the class pool, and I fed Heidee the latest fibs from mine. Sorry about that, Heids! :)


  1. true, fli, just like old times, except that all three of us have grown bigger… which is only fair. hahaha. next time we should go through hell and high water for ice cream again, just for old times sake! :D