Holy Week and Still Swimming

It was pretty quiet in Astoria Regency earlier today. Gim and I went early (about 2pm), we only had two hours to spare; he had graduation practice at 4pm. The pool was being cleaned too, so we were able to swim for only an hour.

It being Holy Week, there weren’t any guests in the hotel. The place was undergoing renovations. An emergency exit ladder was being built on the hotel wall, the bathrooms were being remodeled, and tents being moved and removed. The only thing lacking were moving trucks.

So we had the pool to ourselves, it was glorious. I was able to swim almost a whole lap! It feels great, being able to learn something new. :)

The day was beautiful too. A few clouds, a lot of sun, clean air. Wish it could always be this way.

By 4pm, though, families had started to arrive. Guess not even Holy Week can keep people away from the pool. :)

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