The Tide Turns at Entrecard

Wow. The reign of Graham Langdom over at Entrecard has finally come to a close. Entrecard has been sold to ZipRunner Inc, and a woman named Cindy is now writing the blogs.

Entrecard’s been a train wreck the past few months (or has it been a year already?), a lot of it having to do with Graham’s overall mismanagement of the service. Abusing and banning members, introducing paid ads, employing shady admins, inconsistent implementations… it was really too bad. Entrecard was so well-loved in the beginning. And then suddenly, because of Graham’s all-too-many bad decisions, everyone who mattered left, and the fun community that was the main reason people flocked to Entrecard was lost.

I don’t know, if, now that there is new management behind Entrecard, whether people will come back. Paid ads (along with cashouts) are being removed from the system, which is a good start. But I truly hope Entrecard’s new owners have invested in some kind of business insurance, because as long as Graham Langdon is still with Entrecard even in a tiny way, people will hesitate to support the system.

Frankly, I think it would be easy to make an Entrecard clone. I wonder why it hasn’t been done yet. Oh, CMF Ads sure tried. But it’s more like Project Wonderful than Entrecard, really. (It’s a good venture, though, and the sense of community sure is familiar.) I would love to move away from Entrecard and try another service just like it, but without all the craziness.

Any suggestions?


  1. I kinda love Entrecard but I came in late so i had no idea Graham was hated this much. I hope the new management will do better