Zamboanga needs new malls-stat!

badly needs new shopping centers. The city is literally growing; population-wise, the city grew from 500,000+ residents in 2001 to close to a million this year. That’s double the number of people nine years ago! No wonder the city’s streets are chaotic most of the time (pretty soon the heat, dust and sweat will give us all acne and then we’re going to need acne treatments).

Take yesterday for instance. Me and a couple of friends went off to have lunch after a grueling morning spent answering a pharmacology exam. We went to nearby Southway “Mall” for barbecue at Mang Inasal’s (a local resto that offers unlimited rice refills). When we got there, I was genuinely surprised at the throng of people milling about the sardine can- shaped “mall”.

Sardine-can is the best adjective to describe it. It is a cylindrical, narrow structure of four floors and packed with people from top to bottom. It was nauseating just being there. The smell of sweat, perfume, and all mingled to form a pungent and unpleasant aroma that stuck to your clothes and made you feel haggard and tired.

A sweat shop made to look like a shopping center

Instead of making me feel refreshed and rested, that lunch all the more made me feel cranky, irritated, and disheveled. This city definitely needs more shopping centers. SM, Gaisano, Robinson’s; where fort art thou?


  1. tama ka ma’am, hindi dapat mall ang tawag, kundi “small”. para masabi lang na mall, magtayo ng kahit maliit, pero yung tinda, like sa southway at gateway, pare-pareho lang. ito ang isa sa mga nami miss ko sa manila, ang mga malls.

  2. Hindi lang po yung gateway at Southway ang may pare parehong paninda, pati mga shoppers…sabi nga ng salelady sa akin, “Ma’am, out of stocks po dito kasi po dinala sa Southway ang mga stocks, sa 4th floor ng Southway may stock dun”, I was looking for a nice gown for my daughter that day and it was moved to Southway at kids section on the 4th flr…yaaaayyyy…kakapagod mag ikot, wala naman palang choices kasi all the same ang paninda :D Basta lang makapag bukas ng Mall ang mga insik sa ZC..ay! este Intsik pala hehe..sori.
    Manila all the way!!!!! kaka miss tlaga.

  3. I heard that SM Megamall and Gaisano Mall are already going to be put up in the city. I hope that’s finally going to come true! :)