Krispy Kremes: A second chance

A few months ago, I blogged about my first taste of Krispy Kremes and how disappointed I was that it tasted just like your ordinary doughnuts. Nothing special, no buzz, no moan inducing aoumph!, nothing! At that time I really felt that all that hype was for nothing (like going to a Micheal Jackson concert expecting the best seat only to find out that you’d need ncstar binoculars on arriving).

At the time.

Well, my ever beautiful Flisha decided to prove that KK’s (Krispy Kreme’s not Ku Klux) were actually really quite delish. So out she dragged me to a date at a KK branch in Makati (the one in front of the Robinson’s Summit Center in Ayala Ave), a date that I would truly enjoy.

Boston Strawberry's for me please

I got the Strawberry Boston variety and man! The oomph! was there! It was so good and I enjoyed it so that I had her bring me a box home. I’m eagerly waiting for the box (and of course her) as I type this.

Here’s to Krispy Kreme’s second chance at my palate. :)


  1. OMG I am soooo sorry I did not bring you a box home!! I was afraid it wouldn’t taste the same if it wasn’t fresh. :( Gimmi promise when I come home next next week I will bring a box. :(